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ドラマ Awards!

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Welcome one and all to ドラマ Awards! This is an icon contest community, where each week you are given a cap from a different drama and then participate by making an icon. There is a different screencap each week and even if you don't participate, please vote! Now comes the big question, what is ドラマ?

ドラマ basically sounds out to "dorama" so in other words, "drama." What do we mean by drama? Well, it's definitely not the stage theatre kind, or what happens when you stick a bunch of 14 year old girls together near a table of cute boys. In fact, the drama we speak of are actually television shows that air all over Asia, but mostly centered in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. These "ドラマ" may last only 16 episodes, or have two seasons that have 26 episodes each. Unlike anime, each episode is an hour long, and they move very quickly. Very. Don't ever try to skip an episode when watching a ドラマ...trust me, you'll be lost. *coughs* Going on. The most popular names in drama are usually the ones that are based off comic books, Taiwan is famous for it's live action version of the comic Hana Yori Dango, and the show was called Meteor Garden. ドラマ is a bigger part of Asian culture than most realize, because out there, movie stars are big, but in reality, television stars are even bigger.

Now that I hope I gave you a small clue as to what ドラマ is, or if you already know what it is, let's get moving on to the meat of the community. Do not ask for posting access, you are allowed to comment with your icon entry. Posting access is reserved for moderators and banner makers.Below is important information on how to submit and vote for icons in this community. Please, I beg of you, read all the information, for it's really important.
The rules of the game, and please make sure that you follow each and every one of them, otherwise you will be disqualified.

  • #1: Only one icon is permitted for each submission week. This icon must feature the cap of the week and must be made by whoever is posting the icon.

  • #2: All of the icons must follow the format for Livejournal icons. What does that mean? They must be no more than 100 x 100 pixels, and no more than 40kb in size. These are meant for use on Livejournal, not any other journal system.

  • #3: You icon, when submitted, must be hosted on your own server. Do not email the submission to us, you need to host it yourself and give us the link. (See proper submission entry below) Make sure whoever hosts it has a lot of bandwidth. Try Photobucket or Imageshack if you do not have your own server.

  • #4: You cannot use an icon you made previously, even if it is the same image. It doesn't matter. This has to be a completely new, never before seen icon.

  • #5: Do not post your icon anywhere else before the contest is over, or during the voting period. After the contest for that week is over, you are free to do as you wish.

  • #6: NO PITY VOTING. When you vote, sincerely vote for the icon that you like best, not because you feel bad for some of the icons. This is a contest.

  • #7: Do not rule out an icon just because it happens to be flashy or animated. But do not vote only for those either. If the animated or flashy icon is good, give it the vote. It may very well deserve it.

  • #8: No late submissions are allowed after deadline has past. No exceptions. And post the icon on the entry WHERE THE CAP IS GIVEN.

  • #9: Do not vote for friends because they are your friends. I know some people show their friends their submission to see what they think, but please don't do that. It can really skew the voting process, and it's not fair to other people. Again, vote for what you think is really the best.

  • #10: You can only use the cap that we give you for the icon. You can use brushes, textures, etc. No other images are allowed though, except for the cap.

  • #11: You aboslutely cannot vote for yourself. I thought that was a give in but it actually happened before here. Please don't vote for yourself, it's not really fair to everyone else. Thanks.

This is what the basic schedule is for how voting is done and when you'll get your results. Here we go:

  • Friday: Submissions must be in by 10:00 PM EST. Any icon submitted after that will not be included in the voting booth.

  • Saturday: In the morning at 9:00 AM EST, the voting booth will be up. Be sure you vote because it will only go till Sunday afternoon. Make your vote count!

  • Sunday: At 11:00 PM EST voting will be closed and within the half hour, the winners will be announced. Votes after that time do not count.

  • Monday: At 9:00 AM EST, a new cap will be posted for the week, by whichever mod is in charget that week. =)

  • Tuesday: By 7:00 PM EST, the banners of the winners of the past contest will be up and ready for taking by the winners.

How do you enter? It's a very simple process. First, make you you've followed all the rules, then do like the following and post it on the entry where the screen capture is given:

[ http://img57.echo.cx/img57/7959/mg012rj.gif ]
Give Icon Credit to: __bubblicious

This is so we know you hosted it, the location of the link to the icon, and also if you have an icon community of your own you want to give credit to, you can ask for the credit there in case you place. If you want to give credit to any people who brushes or textures you might have used, please give that information also. Though it is optional.
For voting, it is recommended that you do it in this format:

1st Choice: Icon #
2nd Choice: Icon #
3rd Choice: Icon #

Do not cheat or advertise your icon to anyone else in order to get more votes. If I find this out, you will be disqualified and then given a warning. If it happens again, you will be banned from the community. Cheating is not tolerated here. Each entry will have a Mod's Choice icon chosen also, and whoever is in charge of the contest that week will choose that.
As posted in the schedule above, banners for the winners will be posted by Tuesday afternoon. Save the banner onto your own computer and host it yourself.

If you are upset with the way the contest turned out, we apologize that you do not agree with how everyone voted. If you are upset that you may have been outranked by icons by people who are "more talented" than you are, we can recommend some communities listed below the "Links" section that you should check out. They cover almost every program for assitance.

Icon Contests:


Link Us:
Not really necessary, only if you really want to. Below are banners you can use to advertise the community. Please make sure you download them onto your own server for use. Thank you.
Full House

Meteor Garden
Angela Chang

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